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        October 25, 2021
        Supply chain chaos has sellers and shoppers on edge, with no relief in sight anytime soon. To better understand how marketers should navigate this unusual holiday shopping season, we spoke with a variety of experts to get tips on what makes for successful holiday e-commerce marketing -- and why planning, implementation, and customer engagement are paramount in these continually changing times. [More...]

        October 22, 2021
        Amazon heralded its shifting strategies to help sellers expand with new tools during its two-day Accelerate Seller Conference this week. The e-commerce giant announced its growing success with American small and medium-sized businesses empowerment this year, its glowing Sellers Report, and the results of its unique CRM tools for SMBs. [More...]

        October 21, 2021
        A new cyber threat group called Proxy Phantom is using sophisticated credential stuffing attack methods to take over customer accounts for U.S.-based e-commerce merchants. The latest research from digital trust and safety firm Sift demonstrates fraudsters' relentless innovation and reinforces retailers' need to double down on fraud protection as the holiday shopping season rapidly approaches. [More...]

        October 20, 2021
        For years, affiliate marketers, social media companies, online marketplace platforms, and search engines alike have enjoyed the seemingly ubiquitous tax-free landscape from their digital activities afforded to them by the United States' Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998. However, that could all be changing soon. [More...]

        October 15, 2021
        Let's start a new meme/hashtag/acronym: Global Information Network, or GIN. I know there's double entendre here, but we're entitled to have a modicum of fun in life, no? I've been writing about the coming of an information utility for a while, but even my visions don't match what we're watching unfold. [More...]

        October 13, 2021
        Shopper discontent with online retail sites is localizing to two major concerns. Spoiler alert: customer experience per se is not in this ranking. It is the need for caution that prominently leads shoppers to abandon their shopping carts. Results of a recent survey of more than 1,100 respondents conducted by marketing technology firm Wyng confirmed that reality. [More...]

        October 12, 2021
        Walmart and Netflix are teaming up to sell merchandise pegged to the streaming media provider's content. "The Netflix Hub brings together some of its most popular shows in its first digital storefront with a national retailer," Walmart EVP Jeff Evans wrote in a news release Monday. The new partnership will have benefits for both Walmart and Netflix. [More...]

        October 5, 2021
        New research suggests that retailers may not be fully prepared to handle the expected increase in online shopping and risk considerable shopper bounce to their competitors. Nearly three-quarters of respondents to a survey of 1,500 consumers said their reason for "bouncing" off an e-commerce site results from difficulty finding the products they want. [More...]

        September 29, 2021
        Botify is not a typical search engine optimization tool. It is a platform to fix a company's indexing issues that helps its customers' businesses rank better, get more traffic, and generate more revenue. Botify's technology turns organic search into an efficient, measurable, and sustainable channel for both traffic and revenue growth. [More...]

        September 27, 2021
        The holiday season is big business for e-commerce, but this year will be very different across every platform. Brands should focus on profitability over sales volume, because even though Amazon will again see record sales, the game has changed more so than any previous year. Let's examine why the key to a successful 2021 holiday season for brands is to focus on increasing their profits, rather than sales. [More...]

        September 23, 2021
        The term "social commerce" is the trend du jour for marketers, yet there's confusion in many circles about what that really means. Some people equate social commerce with capital-I "Influencer" marketing. Others think of social commerce as the process of marketers reaching consumers directly via social media platforms. At its core, social commerce is about turning customers into advocates. [More...]

        September 16, 2021
        Intuit on Monday announced an agreement to acquire Mailchimp, a global customer engagement and marketing platform for small and mid-market businesses, for $12 billion in cash and stock advances. The purchase could be the linchpin that thrusts the mostly financial software company into solving more fertile mid-market business challenges for its customers. [More...]

        September 9, 2021
        Are you looking for a way to reinvent the traditional vendor marketplace? Consider adding composable commerce to your bag of tricks. This marketing approach enables businesses to bring to their brands a distinct method to continuously optimize their customers' experiences. [More...]

        September 1, 2021
        Automated bots operated by malicious actors are costing businesses an average of 3.6 percent of their annual revenue. For the 25 percent worst affected businesses, this equates to at least $250 million every year. Even more concerning is the time it takes to discover these attacks. On average, more than 14 weeks pass before a successful attack is detected. [More...]

        August 26, 2021
        This summer's surge in spending is making digital retailers more vulnerable to accounting errors that result in significant revenue losses. To address this issue, UpstartWorks developed an automated system to audit and recoup unpaid invoices lost in the supply chain quagmire. Its new accounting automation engine resolves costly marketplace oversights that can save businesses millions. [More...]

        When will supply chain disruptions begin to improve?
        By the end of this year
        In the first half of 2022
        At least a year from now
        When the global pandemic is eradicated
        The situation will only worsen from here
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